Monday, July 18, 2011


Santa Ragione is an uprising italian software house we all should keep an eye on. They recently came up with one of the most unique one button games we've ever seen: take a little bit of Rez and pour it into a Vectrex. Add a pinch of vib ribbon and a couple of tablespoons of The Lawnmower Man sauce and you're in for some serious retro futuristic action. You're in for Fotonica.

  • 5 Levels to Explore + an Endless Procedurally Generated Level.
  • Accessible One Button Interface Compatible with Every Peripheral
  • Two Players Split-Screen Mode.
  • 10 Achievements to Unlock + Game Stats.
  • Cross Platform Online Rankings.
  • Highly Responsive Controls, Improved Graphics and Fullscreen Option.
  • New High Quality Audio Tracks.
  • Available for MAC and PC, DRM Free

The music track is "Cosenz" by Nicolò Sala, and it's made with the awesome Thicket app!

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