Saturday, April 30, 2011

BLIP 2011

The Blip Festival 2011 kicks off in full force, transforming Manhattan art space Eyebeam into a sea of people, dancing to the sound of technology unconcerned with sounding like anything other than pure, raw technology. Co-presented by 8bitpeoples and The Tank, from the 19th to the 21st of May the event will showcase the best creations in art, music, and culture using retro game and computer hardware.

The fantastic banging promo Music is "Attack Vector" by Swedish chiptune wizard Covox, and you have now the right to download it for free.


Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude decided to go for some real life James Bond action as they hit the Alps like true secret agents skiing the French backcountry while escaping a large avalanche on their tails!
Shot entirely on the Go Pro HD Hero camera.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Sébastien Tellier is famous for his sentimental electronic songs, such as «La Ritournelle», Divine» or « L'Amour Et La Violence». They have moved hearts worlwide since their release. as an example, Tellier was approached an unreasonable amount of times to perform «La Ritournelle» at weddings !

The reality is that Sébastien Tellier is releasing music since year 2000, and his 3 studio albums, plus one live album and one score all contain some extremely romantic and sentimental music. 'Love Songs' is all about that, it is a focus on the maestro's writing skills, an opportunity to re-discover a true composer's talent and listen to some extremely moody tunes.

From his early days discover a gem such as «Fantino», which was featured in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation or «Universe» which is the key song in Daft Punk's cult Electroma' film. from the Ritournelle' years, «Broadway» is a true diamond, such as «Benny». His score for Narco and his acoustic live album Sessions are filled with connoisseur's choices like the Christophe cover «La Dolce Vita» which has gained cult-status. Add to this package the 4 best tracks of Tellier's acclaimed Sexuality album, and 3 unreleased & exclusive live tracks recorded in Japan early this year and you have an album that will give you thrills!


Always remember... London just keeps rocking.

Piece of cake by designer Giulia Lotta for the always stinging photoblog Pozzanghere.


Nostalgic gamers of the world, our time to play Super Nintendo while taking a dump has come. Californian retro focused complany Hiperkyn, after the crazy portable Nes FC Mobile II has now announced the Supaboy, a Snes pad shaped portable console that plays your favorite Super Nintendo and Super Famicom (US and Jap) cartridges anywhere you are, even at home on your tv set.

Normal details:
Screen size (diagonal): 3.5 inches
5.5 Hours battery life (tested only once without sound)
Measures: 8.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 11.5 ounces
Stereo sound
AV Out
Headphone jack
Adjustable volume control

Key details:
Innovative cartridge lock feature
Two seven-pin controller ports
Tested compatible original hardware:
> Nintendo SNES controller
> Nintendo Super Scope
> Super Multitap
> Nintendo Mario Paint Mouse
In short – everything we’ve plugged into the controller ports has worked

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today i got introduced me to a band i didn't know at all. Their name is Light Asylum.
After purcheasing all their productions, i'm still loop listening and still kind of stunned by these ultra deep vocals over the always enchanting sound of the synth. I'm pretty sure my review would probably result too emotional... and that's why i'm gonna let The New York Time Style Magazine do the talking this time:

"In some underground New York, Tokyo or London club, Shannon Funchess’s powerful contralto punches through the fog-filled stage — as does the spread of green laser light emanating from behind her. Funchess, the Light Asylum frontwoman, drums and sings, pogoing around in a mix of black leather and new-wave neon, like a punker, harder-edged Grace Jones possessed by the sensibilities of Ian Curtis. Her voice has appeared on tracks by bands like Telepathe and TV on the Radio, but it’s with this latest project (a duo, with Bruno Coviello on synth) that she has come into her own. Light Asylum is catchy but raw, music you can lose yourself in."

You can listen to more Light Asylum on Soundcloud or Myspace.


Skaters and snowboarders see the world in their own unique way, constantly thinking about how this or that urban structure may be used.
This solid campain produced by Melboune's agency Ogilvy for Evolve Skateboards, with three crazy upside down shots by photographer Dave Tacon (an atrium, a ballroom and a carpark) makes us understand how things may change if we change our mindset.


Here's the challenge: how good are you at scanning the oceanic depths of Google Earth in search for sunken ship?
At first, i though this was an annoying sort of interactive promotion Sony made for the new Vaio serie. Well, actually that's Project Shiphunt is. But it's also much more than this. If you're not too used to Google Earth, or if you never gave it a try, this is the right moment to install the plugin on your browsers and experience the amazing sansation of holding the world in your hand.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Pharao Black Magic just dropped the definitive springtime mix.
We don't know much about this groovy Basel City based duo labeled Nang Records, but what we know is that this hour of high class selection is so funky, so uplifting, so moody... and as far as we're concerned that's just enough.

Pharao Black Magic Spring Mix by pharaoblackmagic

01. Sare Havlicek - White Russian (Lazy Summer) (Loveunlimited Version)
02. Rimer London - Fat Read
03. Slow Hands - Headgear
04. Bottin and Rodion - Shooting Star
05. Out Of City - Galactica
06. Hannulelauri - Bananas
07. Joao Brasil - LOVE Banana (Max Skiba Remix)
08. Todd Terje - Ragysh
09. Letta Mbulu - Kilimanjaro (The Revenge Edit)
10. Minimono - Smoking Mind
11. Remote - Scinax
12. Rimer London - Squaring The Triangle
13. Luminodisco - Questo Amore (Space Ranger Remix)

Monday, April 25, 2011


Conduit 2 has finally been released on the old continent. You already know it, playing a good fps on wii could be something near to having good sex, and this is the first one that features the Wiimotion Plus technology in order to create the most responsive control system ever, as well as improved edge tracking and transitions to pointer control. It's not required for playing, but a welcome bonus for those looking for a bit more precision in their online and offline play. I think there's no need to add further words here, let's just keep playin it... and playin it... and playin it...


After the awful collaboration with Oakley, the Tron franchise now goes 80's with Spy Optic, bringing you a facial shield you can scare people with.
With handset custom metal details on an injection molded epsylon frame and tons of color variations (even some limited ones you can't normally buy in shops), the Spy Tron model make both Terminator X and Africa Bambaata look lame.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Before the NBA playoffs gets rough we got to wrap up the 2011 regular season.
Let's seal the deal having a look back at the most amazing moments around the rims with a bunch of top tens by some of this year MVP candidates.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Thank god it's saturday. This weekend we're gonna leave the lambs alone and pretend we care about Easter celebrations by dancing our asses off in good ol'fashon once again.

Carte Blanche is DJ Mehdi and Riton, their First EP "Black Billionaires" released last year on Ed Banger Records is mixed by Alex Gopher and includes the club monster you just listened to.
Video directed by Marco Dos Santos & edited by Julien Demond.

Friday, April 22, 2011


The grilling season is officially open, and the ideal companion for Europe's busy summer festival circuit is the new Carhartt Portable Bbq Grill.
Big enough for four large burgers, it will be available exclusively in Carhartt Europe stores later this week. Who's bringing beers?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


An everyday love story set in the not so distant future sees blackbirds battling with technology, automatic palm readers and power cuts.
Directed by Matthias Hoegg at the Royal College of Art, London, 2010 and nominated for a BAFTA for Short Animation.


The god of head tracking Johnny Lee now has two disciples overseas by the names of Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay.
Following the path shown by their spiritual guide, they achieved the head tracking nirvana just by using the front facing camera of an iPad (or iPhone) in order to create a glasses-free monocular 3D display, as the messiah did a few centuries ago with the holy wiimote in his hand. Thy will be done.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


From Chromeo: "...thank you so much. What a crowd, what a night. And big up to all our funkateers and chromettes who were watching on YouTube, too!"

No need to be jealous, if you ever wondered how Chromeo could sound on stage and you weren't there, now you will. Just pretend it's really live.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Startech is here again. One of the most unforgivable shoe worn by Nba supertstars in the mid 80's is back in production after 22 years.
To realise how some people could freak out about it, just think about this: last year Converse did a collaboration with Sak, and japanese master craftsman Ryusaku Hiruma designed an immaculate pack of Converse Star Tech hightops, their premium leather construction, fetching $600 for the mere 64 pairs of each colorway, and they went sold out in seconds. Sometimes retro fashion going mainstream is a good thing. You can now have them in the three colors shown underneath directly from Converse.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Atlanta's own Donnis is back with his newest project, Southern Lights, a 13 song free album, presented by Karmaloop and mixed by Nick Catchdubs. With production from the likes of Needlz, Syience, and The Cataracs, and features from the legendary Big Rube, Young Dro, Dev, and more, Southern Lights is rooted in the Atlanta music which first inspired Donnis to pick up a mic.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


"Rue De Rome" is the new MUNK single from the album "The Bird and The Beat" obviously under Gomma Records. It defenitely sounds like those two shiny french robots... and that's so damn great. Video directed by Doublezero.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Do you remeber what Melbourne-based installation artists Eness did for the premiere of Tron Legacy? Well he did it again, this time bringing a new perspective to action sports by fusing interactive art with skiers and snowboarders.
To achieve this spectacle a 21' inflatable sphere hovered between hits as proprietary software mapped 3D visuals onto the snow and sphere. Riders were tracked via an infrared camera as they flew through the air.

Friday, April 15, 2011


When i was a little dwarf I had a thing for blending toghether milk and ink. After a few days my room started to smell like rotten cheese and my mother threw away all my colorful experiments. Due to the following video, after several decades, now i get that it wasn't such a big pity... just because I never used dishsoap.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Blogging is a bit like djing, selction is the main thing besides mixing and skills, and sometimes I ask myself the meaning of thousands of music blogs and djs all posting and playing the same s**t...
Well, whatever might be the answer, you should have noticed that this is not what we do.
Talking about what we do, today it's flowing abstract hip hop in the air, and it's flowing nice and smooth on a priceless retrogaming video. Enter your password and have a good game.

Now do yourself a favour: jump on itunes and pay your fee to the one and only DJ I-Dee.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A few days ago Richard Branson announced his brand new crazy initiative: after Virgin Galactic, which offers to rich people a chance to go on sub-orbital space flights, it's now time for Virgin Oceanic. The objective behind it is to take a piloted submarine to the deepest points of the Earth’s five major oceans in 2011 and 2012.
Chris Welsh, a submarine veteran, will pilot the Mariana Trench exploration with Richard Branson as backup and vice versa for the Puerto Rico Trench.
Trust me, incedibly hot girs are totally overvalued. THIS is why we all should dream about being a billionaires.

Monday, April 11, 2011


A century after synthetic cubism, which was the second main movement within cubism, Liam Brazier took it to the next level. He blended Braque and Picasso with some early nintees cgi, and that's the stunning result. Totally rad.


The new video for Tear Club by Moullinex, in my opinion one of the most elegant vibes of this year, with a good dose of humor makes today's lifestyle looks so déjà vu... while that warm bassline goes just straight to the bones.

Five mixtapes by this incredible artist, that means about five hours of non stop superior sound quality which you can melt your headphones with.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


All right, I know this is nothing compared to the Epic Meal Time protein bar, but it's still seven kilos of a snack, and the handmade wrapper really makes it shine.
If anybody could make a Butterfinger like this, please contact me immediately.

If you just cant' get enough of that fancy breakbeat, its the self remix of Explode by The Cardigans, relesed in the Erease/Rewind maxi single back in 1998.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


As these days we're playing the new WWE All Stars, i'm gonna celebrate the week-end the american way: some classic rock 'n' roll anthems, unlimited beer cans... and some pasta, i guess.


Skinny Coder made these nostalgic gaming scenarios out just from lego bricks.
Skinny Coder is great person.