Sunday, April 7, 2013

E V O L V I N G . . .

After four months of cosmic void the three followers we have are probably wondering about which kind of drugs we are doing these days. Well, actually most of us are quite sober in this moment and we are working to make this lil' kid evolve into something bigger, faster and stronger.
Stay tuned on our facebook page to witness the birth of a freaking monster.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Norvegian film company Welterwerk is making me love northern Europe even more than I usually do (and this means beyond the human possibilities).
Not only their output is classy, nostalgic and unbelievebly elegant, the coolest thing about this people is that they work with a very down to earth setup: the following video has been shot with an hacked Lumix GH2 camera and some vintage lenses (a japanese one and a german one), which means less than 1000$ of equipment.
In this era of surplus, of fancy people all with their shiny 5Ds, well this just feels so damn good.

Soundtrack: Siriusmo - Nights Off