Friday, April 29, 2011


Sébastien Tellier is famous for his sentimental electronic songs, such as «La Ritournelle», Divine» or « L'Amour Et La Violence». They have moved hearts worlwide since their release. as an example, Tellier was approached an unreasonable amount of times to perform «La Ritournelle» at weddings !

The reality is that Sébastien Tellier is releasing music since year 2000, and his 3 studio albums, plus one live album and one score all contain some extremely romantic and sentimental music. 'Love Songs' is all about that, it is a focus on the maestro's writing skills, an opportunity to re-discover a true composer's talent and listen to some extremely moody tunes.

From his early days discover a gem such as «Fantino», which was featured in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation or «Universe» which is the key song in Daft Punk's cult Electroma' film. from the Ritournelle' years, «Broadway» is a true diamond, such as «Benny». His score for Narco and his acoustic live album Sessions are filled with connoisseur's choices like the Christophe cover «La Dolce Vita» which has gained cult-status. Add to this package the 4 best tracks of Tellier's acclaimed Sexuality album, and 3 unreleased & exclusive live tracks recorded in Japan early this year and you have an album that will give you thrills!

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