Saturday, March 3, 2012


Music is magic and that's a fact.
You know I never go personal on my posts, but with the last enchanting single by the multi talented Santigold it's simply impossible.
I've been far away from home in the last period, in places quite similar to the beautiful Jamaican landscapes you're about to see. After three months, when i came back home, it was snowing and all of a sudden, watching the snow flakes dancing in the air, it was so clear to me that there is much more in life than what i was used to.
Nowadays all i'm doing is stuggling to get it to the way i want it to be, or maybe i should say to the way it's meant to be.
The moody breakbeat, the ultra wise lirycs and the amazing video all toghether they just feel to me like a someone from above sent this thing down so i can be sure that what i'm doing is right.

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