Monday, February 6, 2012


Shook's latest work has just been reprinted! Available once again in a super fancy limited white 12" vinyl, which comes with a high quality full color sleeve with illustration by Cris Kuhlen. One of those things that should be on every real music lover's shelf.
"The Rise & Fall EP" finds Shook in a transitional mode, as the old school funk meets modern electro sound of The Glow has been refined and honed into something more mature, dramatic and powerful.

The Rise And Fall EP by Shook (Official)

In the contemporary musical landscape between the nu-boogie scene headed up by artists such as Dam Funk, and the French house disciples such as Breakbot, Shook is carving out a niche all of his own: A single-minded artist with a unique and unalterable musical vision.

You can get the 12" (whitch includes the digital version) from Bandcamp or you download it also from iTunes or Beatport.

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