Friday, February 10, 2012


Luminokaya's visionary art is something you don't see everyday. His artworks are unbelievably powerful and universal masterpieces, passing from extremely deep fractals to misterious sciamanic landscapes with a rare soothing touch. An acute perception which knows no boundries: just put an airbrush in his hands and it will make no difference, magic will suddently start to happen.
You can grab canvases on his site or t-shirts and sweaters at

from the artist:

Art-project Luminokaya lab. appeared as a result of a huge amount of data coming from the great field of energy and information in forms of light and energy waves, visions, images, dream-state objects, trans personal visions and visions beyond personality, and also symbols, signs and channeling. The vast amount of information offered by The Space didn’t allow to ignore this exciting and rich experience.
My input was minimized to pressing the keyboard keys, and the awareness of infinity and abundance of the info-energy continuum can let me speak only about being a channel, or a medium. So, there can’t be any question of authorship.
Let this art-information be a little contribution to the process of uniting people of light and realizing our light-carrying potential!
For the benefit of all beings.

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