Saturday, May 21, 2011


The brand new video from swedish-american trio Thieves Like Us is way too classy for this world. The groove is so moody and the lyrics so enchanting you just won't stop looplistening. Your Love Runs Still is also the title of their last four tracks EP, out on Brooklyn's label Captured Tracks.

Staring at the wall.
My thoughts drift outside the window.
When did life begin?
You cannot remember.
Blessed be the day --that we get our act together.
Staring at the wall --another forever.
You look and find a sacred will/
Your love runs still, your love runs still/
Cruising through life without a guide/
Your love runs still, your love runs still/
As you clear your head, papers drift in through the window.
Finally a change --the decade is over
Stepped into a trap.
Don't you know that life is lethal?
As you cry for help --you're happy remember?
Your love runs still.

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