Monday, December 13, 2010


Eccoci giunti al capitolo finale, contenente gli ultimi due episodi, della stupenda miniserie prodotta da Nicolas Lasjaunias & Jean-François Boyer (Tetra New Media) e da Joël Ronez & Silvain Gire ( sulla città più multietnica al mondo. La città che non dorme mai.
Nuova York.

Staten Island, home of 8,000 Liberian immigrants,
might have the largest concentration of child soldiers in North America. US citizens used to see these kids on CNN -carrying a Teddy bear in one hand and an AK-47 in the other- during the Liberian civil war.
Ten years later, they observe this lost generation out their window.
This story has no heroes, only survivors.

“Live fast, die young“...

In New York the ride is wild on the road to riches… And no one embody that way of life better than the Ruff Ryders crew from the Bronx : talents who go from broke-to-multi-millionaire-to- bankrupt, dare-devil Bikers, hustlers who try to make it happen livin’ the Illegal Life like Mysonne…

There’s only one rule to this game: live fast and die in another New York minute.

© Tetra New Media - Arte France - 2010

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