Saturday, November 13, 2010


Una miniserie prodotta da Arte, in sei episodi ci illustra la drammaticità, il rischio, e il dinamismo della metropoli per eccellenza, New York.
Con estremo realismo, attraverso le più disparate esperienze umane, ci aiuta a comprendere cosa rende la Grande Mela una città diversa da tutte le altre.
Ecco il primo: Midnight Marauders.
"Ready", a CD pusher, just got killed by a plain clothes cop
from an unit specialized in... watching CD peddlers in the midtown area.
Squala Orphan also sells his own production on the Deuce.
We got him to share the insomnia of the Midnight Marauder with us

E il secondo: The Magic Number
"Joell Ortiz, it's me, Mike and Dennis".
An ex-con collecting muscle cars, a producer from haitian descent and a MC with no stage name remix the Holy Trinity live from Brooklyn... Holy sh*t !
Since those 3 got back together, each one lives in his own timezone. A paradox that works magic since Joell is on heavy rotation in the city's biggest radio stations.
How to get to the top without going anywhere.

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