Friday, June 1, 2012


If you think that skateboarding is all about rails and ramps, you're wrong. Flatland is where this sport was born: just you, your board, your shoes and the good ol' ground. Than one summer pepole dropped into empty pools and some hairy dude eventually got airborne. When they got back on the streets the ollie suddenly became part of the game, endless new possibilities were just ahead.
Enjoy the flip insanity filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera.

Since skateboarding trick names are defined by common usage and these tricks are not very common, some of them don't have well-established names. So here are my best guesses as to what they should be called:
  • Kyle McPherson -- nollie dolphin flip (AKA nollie forward flip)
  • Cameron Carmichael -- backside 180 casper flip (?) (or bs 180 hospital flip)
  • Jerrod Skorupski -- nollie heelflip bs body varial
  • David Case - nollie 360 shuv underflip (AKA nerd flip)
  • David Case - frontside shuv underflip (AKA kiwi flip)
  • Dustin Blauvelt - hardflip pretzel
  • Dustin Blauvelt - Merlin twist (switch front foot impossible fs 180)
  • Dustin Blauvelt - nollie heelflip indy grab
  • Shane Anderson - early grab frontside 180 fingerflip (?)
  • Jovan Pierson - pressure hardflip (?)
  • Jovan Pierson - ?? I don't know what this is, I just call it a Jovan flip
  • Erick Schaefer - backside pop shuv underflip
  • Tim Hamp - Nollie pressure hardflip (?)

The jazzy boombap breakbeat (???) is Never Knew by Funky Notes

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