Tuesday, March 22, 2011


From the always busy monsieur Pedro Winter:

Some say he is the dark side of Ed Banger records, I know he likes it, and I must say I agree with that. But i also believe Sebastian created what people are calling the Ed Banger sound, he is the twisted head of Ed Rec.
Today, he is pushing it a little bit further, and he makes me a happy label boss.
"Embody" is not the boring "banger" you could expect from the man responsible for heavy weight club hits "Smoking kills?" "Walkman" and "Ross Ross Ross".
Do I need to remind youI signed him for darker sounds like "Head/off", "shoot" or "HAL" ?
Did you know Daft Punk said he delivered the best remix they ever had for "Human after all" ?
When I heard "Embody" for the first time I imagined Prince and Sebastian in Paris, sharing a glass of wine in a smoky basement. He surprised me and I hope you'll be touched too.
So Me directed the video, Dj Premier and Kavinsky provided the remixes.
"Embody" is now yours.

"EMBODY" - EP out April 4th
"TOTAL" - 1st Album out May 30th

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