Saturday, February 26, 2011


Her name is Green, she's alone in a world that doesn't belog to her. She's a female urang-utan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation.
This film is an emotional journey with Green's final days. It is a visual ride presenting the treasures of rainforest biodiversity and the devastating impacts of logging and land crearing for palm oil plantations.

To watch or legally dowload the whole movie, just click HERE.

From the author:
Green” is about the rainforest of Indonesia. It is 48 min long, it is available for free download for all private and public screenings. The film is in international version accessible to all nationalities, produced independently and free of all commercial or political attachment. Please don’t hesitate to screen the film wherever you feel appropriate.
To save the Indonesian rainforest we must choose to change our consumer habits so as to not be part of the destruction. If we are enough to do so, we can make a significant impact on the markets involved and make them change. All it takes is avoiding palm oil, tropicals hardwoods and paper from tropical countries.

We must show the way…

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